Hmm, I haven’t updated in a while. Let’s see what has been festering in my abnormal brain.

George W. Bush sure does like to dodge questions. I was smoking up and watching the Presidential address with a friend. Even though people are starting to say it’s a new Vietnam, he still thinks everything is totally hunky dory. I don’t know what drugs he’s on. And from what I understand Afganistan is still in terrible shape, they didn’t do much to clean up after that war.

That’s what bothers me the most, I mean, how many years did it take to bring Germany back? If you’re going to have a war, it’s just good manners to at least clean up after.

I don’t feel brilliant today, I’m lost in a dream world of fiction, trying to figure out what to do with some characters, and then this other abstract world of my short video I’m working on. Sometimes I totally space out on friends while this interesting fictional conversation goes on in my head, and then they think I’m really tripping out.

This friend of mine and I got into an arguement with this guy who refused to believe that the Bush’s are descended from old royal bloodlines. He said “Don’t believe evrything on the internet.” My friend said “No, it was on the news on television.” “Well it’s not true!!” Oh he was upset. So we just pretended to go along with him.

People are funny that way, if you say something they don’t want to believe, they absolutely abhor you. Once I told some now ex-friends that 150 000 000 aboriginal people were killed during the colonization of the Americas. They said “No, it wasn’t that many!” They were so mad! I had good sources, but apparently since I’m aboriginal I was biased? I dunno. I’m a halfbreed so you’d think that I’d be a nice mediator. But no one ever thinks of my racial identity like that. Gotta pick a side.

Here’s a link to my favorite political comic Get Your War On

I also threw on a counter for how much this war is costing. Sit back and watch the American money burn!

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