Lists! (with a nod to A., who knows who she is)

Things people gave me today:


White carnations.


Orange Blossom Peak Freans.*

An opera ticket.

Ketchup chips.

A calendar of pictures of bouquets.

*Once when I was a little kid and first learned to read, I read the phrase “By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen,” on a pack of Peak Freans. I was terrified and reluctant to eat the cookies in case we had accidentally gotten the Queen’s special cookies and would be in violation of some royal degree, which would involve us losing our heads. (I ate them anyway.)

My Favorite Candy:

Candy Corn.

Cinnamin Hearts.*


Juicy Fruit.

Blue whales.


Mint Aero.

Candied Ginger.

Red Lips.

Carmel Popcorn.

Glossettes Raisins.

*Every Valentines Day I have nobody to neck with so I console myself by eating copious amounts of cinnamin hearts until the first layer of my mouth is burnt off. (I could hear you go ew! :P)

My Favorite Movies:*

Mullholland Drive.

The Wizard of Oz.

Show Me Love.

The Celebration.

Ma Vie En Rose.


The Hours.

Fight Club.

Children of Heaven.


Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story.

Dancer in The Dark.

Dazed and Confused.


Party Girl.


*The best movie I ever went to was years ago when I had a date for the Blair Witch project, the projectionists were locked out and we didn’t want to cross the picketline, so we went to my house and . . . uhm . . .


Senator: God must go if responsible for Iraq Prisoner Abuse

Homestar Runner

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