Move America Forward is a Republican Front

(or: the sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11 is happening NOW)

I will try to blog properly while a small rodenty critter runs around on me. Okay, so I have been thinking and reading more about Fahrenheit 9/11 since seeing the film on Friday night. Normally I don’t ponder a film this heavily for this long, but Fahrenheit 9/11 has turned into something of a phenomenon. If you’ve been following the controversy you probably know by now that there have been all kinds of accusations about it being propaganda and that it shouldn’t be screened in theatres. Most of this slander has come from a group calling itself Move America Forward, which purports to be a citizens group but is in fact funded by Republican money and put out by a Republican PR Firm (PR Darling, PR!) by the name of Russo Marsh and Rogers, although they would just DIE if you knew that. Oops, I guess you do know that now. The site is registered to these freaked out dudes, and if you want to send complaints, the administrative contact for it is Douglas Lorenz, Tell him how you feel about censorship in America.

So in my casual little review I mentioned that the film didn’t really explore the censorship and suppression of dissent which happened post Sept 11. I would like to amend that now. I believe the film operates on a much more sneaky and intelligent level, bringing these issues right in your face by the virtue of it’s existence. There is no way the current administration can allow a film like this to be shown, going so far as to invent a citizen’s group like Move America Forward to hide behind while trying in vain to enforce national censorship. And yet everytime they try to tell people to boycott it, the demand to see it increases. Now another Republican group called Citizens United are trying to go to court to get it’s blockbuster status curtailed by banning Fahrenheit 9/11 commercials from playing on television under election campaign laws. As someone who has seen election campaign ads, I don’t believe Fahrenheit 9/11’s ads are ANYWHERE as negative as any campaign ad.

This movie has stuck a major chord in America, one can only hope that from now on Americans won’t be afraid to speak out against their fucked up neo-colonialist government. And let’s hope Bush is outta there!

I wonder if the film had any effect in the suddent shift here in Canada away from Stephen Harper. Hmmm.

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