So i didn’t win the lottery

But now the jackpot is up to 24 million dollars. Squeal! Squeal like a little gambling piggy!

I am poor and broke and everyday is my date with poverty. A friend has a bicycle he wants to sell me. I really want it. And it comes with a television. Well, the t.v. isn’t attached to the bike, that would be stoopid. I’d get into a lot of accidents. Anyway, I might have a set of wheels again, which would be nice. I haven’t ridden a bicycle in forever, about half as long as I’ve been celebate. Celebrate Celebacy! Is that even how you spell celebate? Fuck it, I hate celebacy so much, I don’t care how it’s spelled. A bicycle would make me feel better about being terminally single.

Not much exciting has happened, except my roommates drank the milk I was going to live on for the next few days. Which is another reason to be glad I am leaving. I don’t know why the milk bothered me so much, it was all going to expire today anyway.

Oh crap, I’m running out of time on the computer. Can anyone spare four bucks so I can buy a couple tickets for the lottery this week? I’m really living on gambler hopes, it’s pretty tragic really. Don’t even look at me, I’m ashamed.

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