I have the internet again!

Yes, it’s true. I’ve moved into my new place and got hooked up again. So now I’m set. But it’s funny, it’s been so long since I’ve had the internet at home, that I have forgotten what I want to do.
I spent most of today wrestling with my old/new computer desk. Here’s the story: I wanted a computer desk. They were out of stock of the one I really wanted. So I bought another one. Then a few days later a knock at the door, here was another computer desk, the nice one. So I really had two, but for a year I didn’t care to put the better one together. Then I moved, and threw away my other one. Then I couldn’t find the instructions. A week passed. I got the internet. Then I really wanted my desk together, because surfing while sitting on the floor is painful. Try it and you’ll see.

The problem throughout most of my attempts to get the desk together was the abstract concept behind the instruction booklet. 223306 in HA second hole from the left. Pound small plastic thingy into this slot. Three boards all of the same size were simply titled I, yet three other boards of a similar size were F, T, and SA. And none of them had convenient little stickers saying what they were, you had to look at them all and decide for yourself. And then there was a small tool which seemed to come into use quite frequently according to the instructions, yet didn’t exist, and was square, and looked like you dripped it into holes OR used it to cut something. Honestly, I feel like I should get extra credit just for getting the damn thing together. However there is one extra board, which is rather suspicious.

A suspicious board. It’s quite large as well.

Blah de blah. So anyway my apartment is slowly but surely turning into more of a liveable space. I have the internet, I have a small television, my bed is set up, Clive the hamster killing rat is back up on his little perch above the tee vee. The rug is slowly but surely gathering crumbs. When I first moved in I couldn’t find my medication for a couple days. Fly me to the moon! Then I found it, all shaky and quivery and ready to pounce on someone. Swallow. Yummy mood stabilizers/anti-psychotics.

Fuck it I’m hungry. I’m going now to find some food and stuff. I’m going to surf the net all day and revel in it. I think if you live alone especially, having the internet is kind of crucial to your well being. It’s entertaining anyway.
here’s some fun for ya all:
Tasteful (ha ha!) Cannibal Porn

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