School Screams!

Primal end of semester/end of bachelor’s degree screams: “Aaaaah! Ahhhhrhrhhghgrr! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Eeeeeeeeeghhlhbla! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!”

In other words, I have a shitload of work to do. But I’m happy, because today I wrote a seven page summary of my research for my Professional Practices class, which I am supposed to present tomorrow morning bright and early. I even have a few good websites to show the class along with my presentation, which is nice. It’s not powerpoint, but dammit it’s something.

One thing that troubles me, however, is that I need to write 5000 words. That is a lot of words. I hate it when profs say “write such and such many words.” Why not simply say “Write fifteen pages, double spaced, twelve point font.” Who knows.

I’ve had three requests for my videos in the last two days. It’s kind of nice. And so far I’ve been getting positive feedback for my zine, Fit of Pique, at least from the three friends I gave it out to. It’s a nice thing to read when you’re sitting on the toilet, pooping out your eyes. (read the last post if you don’t get it)

Aside from that, I am feeling like my career is chugging along again, I think it went into remission when I flipped out.

I recently re-read an article about Clint Star and his untimely suicide. It made me feel sad. The art community sure does lose a lot of our colleagues to suicide. I wonder what we could be doing in our community to prevent things like this from happening.

Go check out this funny dubbed GI Joe. “You ain’t no pimp, dude!”

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