I have cramps. I don’t know why they are here. It’s not even the first day of my period anymore and I am crampy, and it makes me crabby.

It seems the aliens were interested in the Pope’s funeral, they did a little fly by. One of my friends thinks it’s a good thing, a little inter-galactic gesture of goodwill.

So I finally heard back about my grad application. I didn’t get in. Which is good and bad. On one hand it gives me the chance to work on some more projects and not be in school trying to do them, including the big feature I am still plugging away on. On the other hand now my future financial situation is a little bleak, much like my puberty. However trying to live on the meager funds my reserve gives me for going to school has been totally taxing on me, I can’t remember being so poor. So maybe being out of school will make things a little easier.

I still have to write a paper and then I’m pretty much done.

Now I just have to find a job. Sigh, I really hope someplace decent is hiring, like Chapters. I could work in a bookstore. That would be nice.

Just please, no more call centres!

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