The long day

Today I drove with my mom and a friend out to Merritt to pick up my stuff. Merritt is my Dogville. I lived there for four months during adolecence and left being totally crazy. Oh, nobody said I was crazy, but I was, crazy. Add to that the fact that my only outlet was at the shooting range, and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Lampchop’s Playhouse, before Lambchop died. I was going to pull a Columbine if we’d stayed, I was being bullied and sexually harrassed that much. Maybe that’s why years later when Columbine did happen, I thought “Hasn’t this already happened?”
Anyway, bad memories, BUT my stuff was there from when I left Vancouver. It’s been shuffled around the country staying in different relative’s basements or storage areas. And now I finally have it all! Opening the boxes was like christmas. It probably sounds really materialistic. But most of my stuff are books, videotapes, film, and items of personal sentiment. Like the Marvin the Martian figurine my mom gave me. Oh, and diaries. Tons of diaries. I’ve kept diaries since I was thirteen. Some people burn theirs. I don’t want to burn mine. They’re kind of useful for me to remember where I was at specific points in time. And who I was.
Anyway, me and my things are reunited after a very long day. Hurrah! I feel somewhat more normal, I haven’t had my stuff in years. Now I just have to fit it somewhere.

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