Back to the drawing board

I’ve been offered my old job back. It’s kind of funny, to end up back where I was. At least it’s in an air conditioned building now, before it was brutal working there in the summer. So I guess I’ll take it, I need the cash. And I’m going to keep looking for work, a coffee shop would be nice. Editing would be REALLY nice. Whew, life after school is weird so far. I’ll get used to it. At least I’ll be making money again. I start working on Monday. I already know their computer system well, so hopping back on the phones won’t be too bad. It’s just temporary, while they need the staff. That’s fine by me, as long as I can get another job in time.
Anyway, aside from that I’m just hanging out with my ma, goofing off. Soon it will come to an end. But I sure am glad to know I’m not going to struggle to find a job soon.

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