A State of Grace

Nobody every paints the Virgin Mary changing Jesus’ s diaper.

Recently I was on the bus, without my trusty ipod since Clive ate my new headphones and I stepped on my old ones, which had only been working on one side. Anyway, a small child was behind me, at the age when their voices are really high pitched. It was just squealing and hurting my ears, and I was like “Dear God, how do parents put up with that?” And I thought about creativity, and states of grace.

I’m in a pretty creative period in my life after a very long bleak stretch of nothingness. There’s a feeling that happens in the middle of a creative process. Suddenly things become very clear, and for myself anyway, I always enter a state of rapture. I just stare and I’m somewhere else, floating in the clear air, like when you find the right notes to play. There’s this hum that shoots right through me, it doesn’t last very long, maybe fifteen minutes at the most. It’s a state of grace.

And I just wonder, since there is some connection between parenting and creation of any kind, is there a state of grace in child rearing?

If you look at all those paintings of the Virgin Mary, she was totally grooving on something. She’s a one woman ad campagin for motherhood that one. I mean, who can compare with the Mother of God.

I feel conflicted these days about the prospects of motherhood. I’m not sure about bringing a person into the world who has a really good chance of inheriting a life-long chronic illness that could drive them to suicide. On the other hand, that’s what the Nazi’s were all about, stomping out bipolars in a big drive to purify the genetics of the race. And there are really good things in my genes too, it’s not all bad. Ah whatever.


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  1. I know what you mean with the crying of the children. I do not know how parents put up with children AT ALL!! I worry about having children for many reasons. Not the least of which being I too am worried about passing on this illness. I know those creativity moments so well. I paint but lately I haven’t been doing much. I did just get some new prints back from the photograher. Anyway, i’m ramblin’ on like a fool.

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