Doing a’ight

I’m pretty proud of myself these days. I’ve been feeling more and more competent, and having had some more or less steady work has made me feel better about myself, oddly enough. I’m scheduled for a job interview at a post production facility tomorrow, which is really exciting. If I get the job I’ll be an Avid DS Operator. Fancy fancy! I’m glad to be working again, mostly because I need to get out of a huge debt load. I really hope I get the job, because editing is something I love so much. And it would be a good opportunity to see how feature films are edited, as opposed to the short projects I have worked on. Besides that, it would be nice to have a job in a field I was trained in.

Yep, life after film school is okay. I’m so glad I went back and finished my degree.

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  1. Congrats!! I just finished my degree in History which was a terrible choice. There are no jobs. Not only that but because of my illness I can’t really hold down any job that isn’t acting or painting. Ahhh the arts.

    Nice blog.

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