Special Clive Memorial Tribute

Clive the Fancy Rat, a cream colored terror from the mean pet stores of Montreal, came into my life almost three years ago. He was accompanied by his brother Vincent, who later died of repiratory disease. He was a distinguished animal, watching me survive a manic episode, and finally crossing the country to be here with me in Vancouver. He had to disguise himself as a hamster to be allowed onto the plane. When not battling the discrimination and stigma of being a rat, he enjoyed nothing more than to clean his owner’s ears, poop, and eat headphones and books.

His bad ass reputation began with a series of confrontations with other animals, including cats, Golden Retrievers, and an attacking chinchilla, which was soon seen scampering away with Clive in hot pursuit, mouth full of fur.

While all these acts of petty assaults seemed amusing enough, things came to a head in 2004 when he devoured the miniature hamster of some friends who were rat sitting him, a grisly incident which left him with nary a scratch.

He survived a near euthanization when the vets decided he was going to live, even though he had an awful absess, and an SPCA worker chased me down the street to come back and get him.

Clive mellowed with old age, and never attacked the many mice which roamed the apartment. On the few occasions I fell asleep and left him out, he always went to the same garbage bag to curl up in and sleep.

Bon voyage Clive, and put in a good word for me.

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  1. Oh no…. I’m so sorry about Clive. I remember when I met him at your mom’s house he fell asleep in my hand and then pooed on the table. He’s the only rat I’ve met. What a sweetheart he was.

    *Jackson, Harley, Cleo, Nutnut, and Megan line up to salute Clive*

  2. Oh Thirza, I’m so sorry! I know how much you love him. I’m sad I won’t hear any more stories about his latest nefarious meal or adventure either. I only briefly met him that one time, but it’s clear from all the things I heard from you and read in here that he was a determined little character.

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