Trauma T.V.

Did any of you watch CSI and ER last night? Holy crap. I have never felt so traumatized, oh well, except for that night I was waiting in a friend’s place for their unwanted roommate breaking in. Yeah, that wasn’t very fun. But jeez, the stories last night. My friend told me that Quentin Tarantino had directed CSI. You could tell. For one thing they buried Nick alive in a box, and fire ants started to eat him alive. Poor Nick. Bad things always happen to Nick. Yeah, so then ER starts, and a whole party house falls like the World Trade center collapse. Totally freaky.

Then my friend had the nerve to suggest watching House of Wax, and I was just full of trauma. I didn’t want any more.

It’s a fascinating phenomenon to see how much we as a culture like watching traumatic stories. I mean, how many prime time slots are filled with stories of crime? Law and Order (SVU, CI, etc.), CSI (NY, Miami), Cold Case, and a few others. And sometimes they are on every night! It’s wacky. It’s like we’re fulfilling some primal need to scare ourselves. Even when I think about my reading choices, murder mysteries. I mean, how grisly.

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