Moving In . . . Still

I have been taking advantage of my unemployed status to clean and organize my apartment in between internet searches for jobs. Yesterday I attacked the dirty dishes, the gross countertop, and my very cluttered desk. Today I was going to unpack my cds when I finally found a crucial piece of my bookshelf. La la la, moved things around, and now it’s up! All I have to do is fill it with crap and hopefully these boxes of THINGS will finally be out of my space.

I’m excited by the prospect of finally having a home I can invite friends over to. And perhaps even a LADY friend. I’ve greatly missed having a place to bring someone back to where they won’t start thinking there is something very very wrong with me.

I applied for a job at eBay yesterday, being a customer service representative. I haven’t heard back yet. Ugh, I really have to work on my resume again. I have a bazillion different versions for various jobs, but some are woefully out of date.

I’m tired of being poor. But maybe having a clean and organized apartment will perk me up.

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