fucking EXPENSIVE!

Well, I am finally starting to feel like I’ve got a tenuous hold on things. I’m trying to help turn my life around, by doing self-interested good deeds, like cleaning this sty and quitting smoking! Today marks 24 hours without a cigarette! I am very proud.

I’ve got this theory, this nagging worry, that my smoking was a major factor in not having a girlfriend. I have never had a girlfriend while I’ve been a smoker. And I’ve been a smoker for a very long time!

Being smelly is not fun for other people. Oh sure, you get used to it, but whew, around everyone else you’re a walking ashtray.

The huge big reason behind quitting though is that it is fucking EXPENSIVE! Apparently I spend over two thousand dollars a year on cigarettes alone. And I’m not even a really heavy smoker. I mean what a waste of money.

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