Stench, grime, paperwork, and dust

Cleaning this apartment has been a lot like embarking on an archaeological excavation. I haven’t found King Tut’s tomb, but I have found the detrius of several unfinished scripts and video ideas. Re-reading some of them has been terribly delightful, though not inspiring. I can see why most of them didn’t even make it to tape.

I’m also proud to say that I am three days without a cig! I’m so goofily happy about it. I can smell things, taste things, and I’m not so smelly. I’m more kissable too.

Of course I’m cranky as hell and whenever I’m trying to sleep I end up tossing and turning all night. But this will all pass, so they say. The cravings don’t bother me, I haven’t been tremendously triggered yet, but the insomnia is a pain in the butt.

I read today that clearing away the clutter in your home is a way to bring new things into your life. Soooooo, maybe I am finally after many years clearing some room for a girlfriend. Or dates anyway. I’m terribly excited to finally have this mess behind me.

And I will be able to invite someone over and say “Welcome to my gracious bedroom.”

Of course hooking up me t.v., dvd, and vcr is more difficult than it should be. I don’t understand, I thought I had the modulator in the right order. If anyone has tips on which is hooked to what, please let me know. Right now it’s DVD to the modulator to the VCR to the television. Maybe it has to go right to the television? ??? Bloody degree in film and video and I can’t even hook up my dvd player.

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