Another task accomplished

I’ve finally submitted my final write up of the videos I’ve curated for this year’s Out On Screen. It’s the Aboriginal Queer program, a really difficult theme to program because there really are so few aboriginals making openly queer work. It means you have to be a little more lenient about content, because not everyone’s making videos that scream “I’m a big queer native pervert.” Except for me. Ha ha, no, there are queer aboriginal filmmakers, it’s just we’re in such short supply.

Either way, it looks like it’s going to be a really great program. It’s got a nice even mix of men and women, although there’s no trans voice in the mix, which sort of sucks. I guess I’m trans, but I’m not super ultra trans. I’m just transgender butch. Whatever.

But at last I no longer have to worry about what’s going into this year’s program. Now I can just concentrate on looking for a job. Yay. Much fun.

I’m totally wired and twitchy from too much coffee. I drank two cups and a can of coke and it’s only 1:43. When my friend Lynn gets off work we are headed to the beach. It’s perfect beach weather.

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