I Heart Too Much

“You love too much.”

It is true, I have fallen in love a fair number of times in my life. We’d taken some kind of online test, and I had been fussing with dirty dishes as I casually called out my answers.

Me, a woman who loves too much.

How many times are you allowed to fall in love in your life without looking like a ridiculous teenager?

When I was younger, with my first sweetie that I was with for a year, there was this friend who kept falling in love with a different person every month. I think I saw her go through like, four or five girlfriends. A woman who loved too much.

But who is to say that just because you fall in love with a number of people, that it is a bad thing. What’s wrong with loving more people?

It’s a bit ridiculous to think I love too much, since I’m twenty-seven and have only had three girlfriends, and can fall hopelessly in love with people for years without anything ever actually happening. I just don’t see the point of only having one big love in your lifetime. Plus I just like that in love feeling. I guess I’m a pretty intense little dude when I’m in love. It’s been many years since I wrote a poem to a girl though.

Anyway, this summer is looking like much fun because for the first time in years I have a nice set of multiple crushes, on various cute smart ladies. Assorted flavours. Even if nothing happens with anyone, it’s entertaining as all hell. My close friends are now used to listening to me spin grand fantasies involving people they don’t know. I honestly don’t know how they can stand it.

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