I have been absent

For a few reasons. One, and quite possibly the most likely reason, is that I ran out of anti-depressants and I’ve slid into a little depressed hole. Crap. I’ve been borrowing anti-depressants from my neighbor down the hall, but she’s not there tonight, or last night. And I am all alone. Howl!

Anyway, I have actually been doing a lot of reading on the whole New Orleans disaster. It’s really criminal. And now the mayor is worried that all the floating chemicals and oils and gas and so forth on the water could ignite. That would make this disaster even worse.

Some people are even calling it genocide, which you know, it really does look like that. It’s really creepy how they’re blocking all kinds of aid from getting in. Who knows. I am sure everyone has some motive going on behind the whole thing, there’s so much politics involved. But why make out your government to be weak in times of crisis? Especially a country that is so into war and being top dog of all the world? Doesn’t this make them look highly ineffectual and therefore a prime target?

See, that’s what confuses me, I can get the racism/classism stuff, but making the country seem unable to respond to crisis during a war on terror? I don’t quite get what they (they, the thems, the suited folk that make decisions) are aiming to get out of the situation.

As for life, eh, I might have work tomorrow, which would be nice. Part time call centre job. Yep. I also applied for the Customer service rep position at the Bay, which appeals to my colonized body in some way. I think I would make a great halfbreed CSR, Aboriginals working for the Bay in the New Millenium! Training starts in October.

I guess, aside from falling into a puddle of despair (it is not a deep black bleak pit of despair), I am doing alright. Waiting for cash to pour in, reading affirmations on abundance.

I am a tender flower, worth all the gold bullion in the world, someone will give me a job.

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