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Do you remember that show? It was one of those paranormal shows. As in “In Search Of Ufo’s,” “In Search Of Bigfoot,” and so on.

Well, my quest is not nearly so supernatural. I am In Search Of A Weiner Dog. I got a part time job today, and it boosted my spirits (and my income, having been unemployed all summer). So I am in a better spot for the next month or so from other sources (none of which are paranormal either) and I want to get my dog. I’m working part time, I’d have time to be around him. I want a boy dog, because bitches are hell to live with.

Soo, want a pup. But they are rather pricey, to say the least. There’s some cheaper dogs being sold in the States, but I haven’t run any numbers through a currency counter so it might still be really expensive. PLUS then I would have to get them shipped, which would probably make them just as expensive as the ones around here. However, there are more moderately priced dogs in Saskatchewan.

Next task: Convince Mother to drive to Lloydminster and pick up my weiner dog.

Actually, the next task is really for me to make some sense out of a huge amount of financial issues, including two big bill payments. But I really do miss having a little friend. I’ve had pets almost my whole life, and it’s weird not to have one. And I’m ready to have a new little friend, time’s passed since Clive moved on. And I’m lonely. And it would be a good reason for me to maintain a schedule. Plus I am such a dog person.

Anyway, I’m off to virtually window shop mini dachshund pups.

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