Oppression is Rude

I’m not out at work, for the two MAJOR aspects of my identity that make people weird, namely being a homosexshual and being a crazy lady. This means I’ve heard some unpleasant things about “dykes” and manic depressives in the last couple of days. Yes, we are the outcasts. We are the people who make others uncomfortable and scared, either that we’ll “dyke out” on them (ugh, straight girls totally turn me off), or that we’ll flip out and run around with hunting rifles.

Honestly, homophobia and crazy-phobia pisses me off. For one thing, I’m the most pacifist person you could ever find, the one time I got assaulted I didn’t even raise a fist to my attacker. I took my glasses off, mostly because they were getting damaged and in my hazy getting beat up mindset I figured I should save them. So as far as being a violent maniac, it’s never happened.

My main concern is that oppression is rude. What gives anyone the right to harrass someone based solely on their identity? And I especially hate it when oppressed groups slam other oppressed groups, and do you know why? Because A) it adds to global oppression, and B) the privilleged ruling class wants us to be fragmented groups. I mean, can you imagine if all the oppressed minorities rose up together in unison? We wouldn’t be MINORITIES anymore, we would be an overwhelming majority, with huge power.

I’m glad my new job starts soon, hopefully it will be a little easier to be a complex little Thirza there.

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