Do you know Mrs. Goulet?

After Unemployed Summer 2005, I now find myself in the bizarre position of juggling jobs. Today I will be quitting my current job and going back to a full time contract job, while at the same time waiting to see if I will be called in to work a completely different job. It’s all very strange. Good thing my artist fee came in, which means I pay the rent somewhat on time and pay off two other outstanding bills.

At the same time, I am still being hounded by some bill collectors in Quebec. Actually, since my last known address was my mothers, she hounds her. Mrs. Goulet, she is called. Mrs. Goulet is very persistent. She is also francophone, and insists on leaving messages completely in french on my mother’s answering machine. I think she represents Quebec Hydro, but my deeper fear is that she is collecting on behalf of the Quebec Health Care system, bloody hell I don’t even remember what they’re called.

The only word my mom knows in french is Chocolat, and that’s because it was the name of a movie she fancied.

My own knowledge of french is most basic, elementary type stuff “Je suis tres froid” kind of thing, and I don’t even know if that’s right.

Tonight my mother is going for dinner with someone who’s last name is Goulet, I wonder if she is related to the infamous Mrs. Goulet.

I wonder who Mrs. Goulet really is? I bet she has swear words written all over my leads about how impossible I am to find.

Mrs. Goulet is now a legendary figure in my family. She never tires out.

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