I teabagged myself last night, purely by accident. I was drinking the last dregs of chai and had the teabag wrapped around the handle. I was drinking when I saw the bag fly to my face, to hit me between the eyes with a warm wet slap. As the realization dawned on me that I had truly teabagged myself, I quickly began laughing and very nearly spewed my hot chai all over the place.

Happy Halloween!!!! I have the day off, which is saving me from seeing my coworkers dressed as zombies. It’s a grey day in Vancouver, hopefully it will stay dry so the kids can go get candy.

I’ve been having some fun, writing writing my script. Going to Halloween parties. Thinking about stuff. I think I’ve been a bit low, the change of seasons affects me, like most bipolars. Going to daylight savings time doesn’t help much either.

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