Saskatchewan Scrotums

The scotum is probably one of the funnier looking parts of the human body. Which is why seeing a pair dangling from a trailer hitch on the car in front of us made my mom and I crack up. Why was it there? Apparently Tiger Automotive has them, balls for men’s cars who want to be manly. There were no labia though.

Scrotums for your car. What is the world coming to? Do you remember Neuticals, the silicone testicular implants that would make your boy dog have balls even after being neutered?

Well, aside from that, it’s nice here in Saskatchewan. Not too terribly cold. Getting busy for some family parties. I don’t even know when to expect the guests, but I’ve been tidying while Mom went to the doctors. I should really get back to that.

I’m buying someone balls for Christmas, I think she wants some.