Closeted Celebrity Hilarity

I’ve been sick and lurking on Datalounge, which is probably the best queer gossip board I’ve ever read. Sometimes there’s insider knowledge of various queer celebs doing very queer things (like an actress declaring “Well, I’m off to eat pussy!” as she left a set). And sometimes you even get closet celebs posting like little meek mice asking the general queer public to do all the coming out because we’re better role models. Bizarre. I was queer in high school but I think Scott Thompson being openly gay on Kids In The Hall made more of an impact on teens in my school who tuned in every week. I heard them struggling with their own homophobia and the fact that they were fans of his brilliant comedy. And maybe it made me seem a little more palatable to teen culture in Aden Bowman Collegiate, I don’t know, but I did have an easier time of it than some, I’d like to believe Scott had something to do with it.

And sometimes studio execs post saying queer actors would impact box office sales. It’s really interesting and appeals to my own gossip mongering personality. And then straight girls come along and get upset and say that their favorite stars are not gay.

Anyway, I found some hilarious stuff on DataLounge. This one’s a photoshop, but it’s still hilarious.

Rad photoshop skills dude!!

And this link is not photoshopped at all. It’s Nicomi! The Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts relationship as revealed in an EXTREME number of paparazzi photos. I mean, you can not look at these and tell me they are just best friends. I have best friends and I’m not clinging all over them or checking out their boobs or holding their hands all the time (unless I really do want to mack on them). It brings a whole new level of meaning to Naomi Watts in Mullholland Drive. Maybe she was working through some catharsis about the closet during that role.

Oh man, and sometimes you hear from people who work on set or other insiders. So cool. I’m a nerd, a fangirl, and a wannabe star fucker. I admit it. But mostly I just like knowing if someone I watch is in the family, on our team, in the life, and all those other euphemisms.

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