I got paid on Friday so I enjoyed a bout of shopping, which actually wasn’t as far out as one would imagine. I got Absinth, Thomas Waugh’s new book The Romance of Transgression in Canada, and a ticket to see Scott Thompson perform last night.

Scott’s best lines of the night:
“Blood on my face is death, semen on my face is love, and life. And when a man puts his semen in another man’s rectum, it makes a baby.”
On going to ground zero days after the attacks:
“It smelled like barbecue, with the barbecue cooked. And since then I’ve never eaten human flesh. Not even a scab.”
He also informed us that he had a menage a trois with a woman and a man in Edmonton. “Every 25 years I have sex with a woman.”

Anyway, now I am ONLINE SHOPPING!!!

Oh wait, before that I wanted to update you on my cold. I have now made my mother and grandmother sick, and countless others are falling sick around me. Nearly everyone I know here is sick. But not to worry, we haven’t had blood pouring out of orifices or anything really scary, except for when I puked a cup of plegm. Yeah, that was a bit of a Linda Blair moment. But I have progessed to a stuffed up nose, and it was so congested yesterday that everytime I blew it AIR CAME OUT OF MY EYES!!!! MY EYES!!! I knew a girl who could blow bubbles out of her eyeballs, but I had never experienced it myself. It dried my eyes out. Luckily there’s a Visine for that.

Okay, back to online shopping.

The main reason is that I no longer live in a big city where I could traverse around the downtown core hitting every shop for alternative/queer/esoteric items. But there is no Virgin Megastore in Saskatoon, or Little Sisters, or even Urban Empire for small wind up sushi’s. And the malls are full of unrepentant heterosexual teenagers lured by Bootlegger, Claires, and Roots stores. Le sigh. So I am forced to make do with things on the internet.

The first two things I intend to purchase are Hk 119’s self titled album and the DVD for Metrosexuality, a hilarious queer brit mini series. Other things on my list include a subscription to Coast to Coast AM (since I can only get limited reception from a station in Omaha and then only if there’s an expanse of snow between here and Omaha) and the Trannyfags video by Morty Diamond. I would also like to become a primetime member of Datalounge, because everytime I go there I can’t get onto the forum since they have to cut down on visitors to keep their server from crashing. OH yah, and I intend to get a dildo with VixSkin from Vixen creations, but I haven’t figured out which one. There’s one with balls I’m kind of curious about, but I worry my harness would hide them anyway and then what’s the point of having balls? Mostly I’m curious about this new silicone they are using that feels like skin. But the only colours they come in are “Cream soda” and “Root Beer.” I’m having some anxiety about choosing a color. Obviously I am a cream soda, but I feel brown inside. So should I go with Root Beer? “If I can’t be brown, I’m going to at least have a brown penis!” I dunno. It’s a quandary to be sure.

And I am finally getting the battery on my iPod replaced. 65 bucks, but it is so worth it, oh little iPod, you mean the world to me!!! I love you, never leave me again. Plus I’ll be able to listen to Coast to Coast on it while I’m toodling around.

The sad thing is that Metrosexuality and Hk 119 are to be found no where in Canada. Which means they go through customs. Which means I pay 15 bucks more. Which means I’ll be paying the same people who rifle through my mail from queer fests and deny me high quality hardcore lesbian porn. It’s most unfair.

I was also going to get my Industrial done, but I’m sick and bleh, so I think I’ll wait until my next paycheque.

I think I might get Coast to Coast actually, first, because I can listen to it right away, and because every halloween they do Ghost To Ghost, my favorite annual episode because they have open lines all night and listeners call in with their real life ghost stories. And you know I love ghost stories.

I think I like online shopping so much because I have to get my mom to agree to let me use her credit card, and I have to really find a place to get something, and so it cuts down on impulse buying. Which for manic depressives is a big thing. I have bought so much CRAP over my life. I nearly bought an 80 dollar sock monkey. Once I bought a techno version of the Singing Nun. I got a lunch kit with monster women on it even though I never used it at all. I’ve bought dresses that I never wear because I never wear dresses. The only big purchases I’ve gotten and have been happy about have been leather items costing 200 or more including a flogger and a jacket. I can’t imagine what would happen if I was hypomanic, had just recieved a grant, and wandered into Mr S. Holy shit, tons of sm gear and no one to use it on. “Date me! I have a cock shaped gag at home!” Yeh, anyway. So sensible things. I must buy sensible things and be sensible with my money and also be able to afford marijuana. It’s all so difficult.

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