If only Canada had no dumbass neighbor

Smoking up with my Cuz down in Regina this week we mused on what Canada would be like if we didn’t live next to the states. We agreed we would probably be a lot like the Netherlands. Marijuana and some other drugs would be decriminalized, we would have official red light districts, more and more safe injection sites, in essence we would just be a lot cooler. I think we really as a nation do want to be like that, except we live next to a world superpower who overreaches it’s values and laws into other countries.

I read a recent poll of Britons, Mexicans, and Canadians who overwhelmingly agreed that Bush was more of a threat to world peace than Korea’s nukes.

So tomorrow are the midterms. I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. On one hand I’m tempted to say “Yay! They have a chance to get rid of him!” On the other hand, I don’t think they do. Not that the majority won’t vote democratic, it’s just becoming more and more obvious that their votes no longer matter. They don’t live in a democracy anymore, it’s a faux democracy, but really if they’re not already living in a dictatorship (which I think they are) then at least they’re living in an oligarchy. If they get another Republican House and Senate, what are they going to do? Are they going to overthrow the government? The government already has sweeping powers against it’s citizens, there’s not much they can do. They’d be declared enemy combatants, the National Guard would be called out. My god, they aleady need clearance from the Department of Homeland Security to even take a plane outside of the States (but you probably didn’t get that little memo).

The world could step in and do a major military intervention in the US and sponsor some bloody coups. But I dunno, I kind of think we should just all step back and let the Americans work this one out on their own. It’s not like they have much longer to be a super power anyway, Bush is already draining hundreds of billions of dollars away on an unwinnable war. Their carelessness about global warming might result in the desertification of most of America and thus a third world status. We’re already well into the throes of a global pandemic and still people say “They say the next thing that will happen is a pandemic.” Hello? It already kicked off in the 80’s dudes.

It’s been interesting to watch all of this coverage though. For the first time in history the New York Post will not recommend ANY republican candidates. A conservative magazine founded by Pat Buchanan recently slammed the Republicans and advised readers to vote Democratic just so that America doesn’t go down in history as supporting this war. Even tv ads for Republicans try and omit Bush to distance themselves from him.

It’s both promising yet, I dunno. The sweeping legislative changes made over the last six years have set America up for losing it’s democratic rights and freedoms forever.

Okay, maybe I’m just a sad bunny.

My cuz recently said to me that we don’t know what’s going to happen on 2012 because we’re moving into a different world and are currently between worlds and our future is yet to be determined. I kind of think this is one of those things that could determine the future. Let’s say the election is stolen, again. At least there are still all those people who don’t want the Republicans, all those people who are getting active, and maybe they will push for an even more revolutionary change than we have thought of yet. Maybe they’ll completely change the way their government operates? Maybe there will be no government? I don’t know.

Or maybe those freak ass lights will cover the sky and do something either very good or very bad. Who can say?

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