Holy Crap

The Democrats took the house and senate and Rumsfeld is resigning. HOLY FUCK!!! Are we allowed to sing Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead yet? I didn’t watch any coverage because I was confined to bed by my broken butt, but this morning I’ve been checking out the new USA. I am so curious what’s going to happen. I mean before when it looked like Republicans were going to rule the world I just kind of gave up. I mean, we’re all going to die kind of thing. But now I actually feel hopeful about the future of the world.


I just got an artist payment from Video Pool in the amount of, erm, a huge amount. Holy crapola!!! Nearly one grand, go Video Pool!!

My butt still hurts, I freakin’ hate it. Broken Tailbones are no fun, blerg. It’s like that OWWWW!! I mean to say, it sounds like the name of a punk band. Or a bar, The Broken Assbone. I hate freezing rain. And I can’t go spend my money on silly things until my bum is better. The sadness.

Essentially it is a good day. Hope is a nice thing to feel. And having money is a good thing too. OMG! I can get Metrosexuality and the Trannyfags porno!!! WOOOOOO!

Off to celebrate Democrat win by online shopping!!

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