Poo Cock

I broke my tailbone this morning and my mum laughed at me for five minutes and then took me to work, where I am now. And where I am leaving momentarily. This pain is WAAAAAY too excruciating for me to even contemplate doing any kind of work, and I think I’m just going to go to bed for the next two days. Ow, fuck, I can’t even tell you how much this fucking hurts. Okay.

This is stuff I had been saving up for a blog. I just love French and Saunders that much. I have an intellectual crush on Jennifer Saunders, too bad she’s married. Anyway, here is them looking up innocuous words on the internet.

“Your mother sucks Jelly-Babies in Hell!”
“No she doesn’t.”
A good exorcist spoof to bring you down from Halloween.

I found this JUST this morning. It’s a trailer for a movie that will never be made. It was originally made for the Venice Biennale. Courtney Love as Caligula? Whatev, it’s sexy. I would rent this movie just for the dildo cocksucking scenes itself. I never understand straight people who don’t realize what girl on girl action involves. Yes, some of us like sucking each other’s cocks. No, it doesn’t have to make someone actually have an orgasm to be fun.
Okay, fuck, my ass hurts. Hope you enjoy.

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