Nazi’s! *BARF*

Every so often I find out something that truly shocks me. I thought I was unshockable. I knew Nazi’s were inspired to create concentration camps after seeing the residential school system. I knew that the Nazi’s were inspired to begin a eugenics program based on the eugenics program in Alberta. I knew about Project Paperclip. What I didn’t know is that Project Paperclip also operated out of Canadian residential schools. If you don’t know much about Project Paperclip, they were involved in MK-ULTRA, medical experiments, drug testing and radiation testing.

And this is why some idiot like David Ahenekew or other fascist anti-semites in the aboriginal community creep me out. They don’t realize that Nazism is intricately linked to 20th Century North American genocide of First Nations Peoples, even more than one could imagine. Just the idea that Nazi’s were specially imported to continue their experiments on aboriginal children is disturbing.

Not only that, but Project Paperclip was also the original program which Ewan Cameron worked under during his experiments on mental patients in Montreal, and who’s legacy is responsible for the abysmal inhumane conditions of Montreal psychiatric hospitals.

Fucking Nazi’s why do you have to piss all over my life!!!? Isn’t getting murdered by you whacked dudes in my last lifetime enough?

I hate Nazi’s, but I love Germans. I can’t explain it.

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