Sexy Knob!

I finally bought the Griffin PowerMate USB Multimedia Controller. It’s a shiny aluminum knob with a glowing blue light beneath it. That doesn’t sound exciting. Okay, it’s a volume knob and a jog shuttle and a bazillion other things you want to program it to do. I’ve never seen anything so goddamn sexy in my life. I’ve ached and yearned for jog/shuttle ever since analogue pass over to the other side. Cramping your fingers over a mouse while you edit and cue video is so boring. And twirling around a knob is just sexy and fun. It’s preset to work with Final Cut Pro, but I have to install a gig of memory before I can start using that program. I hope to get a gig in this weekend, because I really want to edit at home. I’m like, the most meticulous slowest fussiest editor there is. Maybe it doesn’t seem like that, but that’s because I run out of time and/or money. So if I have all this gear at home, I don’t have to worry. Now I just need a HD monitor, a beefed up sound system, and maybe another harddrive, except I already have 250gb.

The knob rules.

It’s like alien technology!!

That would be hilarious if aliens were old school and analogue.

Okay, maybe just to me.

But it really does have this spacy retro feel to it.

I didn’t smoke pot most of this week and I TOTALLY noticed because I started having complex partials again. I got some tonight, already I feel better. I’m having some INTENSE thoughts lately related to my job. Nothing like I’m being treated horribly, just stuff I’m learning. It’s pretty bizarre. Doing this research gig is like taking an intensive course, and getting paid for it. And I must say, it’s pretty wicked to get paid to learn.

Jesus, I think I have to marry this knob. I keep gazing lovingly at it. Even if it won’t fulfill my editing needs, watching it glow on the desktop is a sweet comfort.

Oh god, I am a geek aren’t I!!? One day someone will find my hi tech materialist predilictions sexy and I won’t have to resort to getting off on a multimedia knob.

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