Thank you Saskatchewan Readers!

I do get some interesting repeat readers like the folks at UCR, someone in Germany, people drifting by from Iran, Saudia Arabia, Norway, Taiwan, etc. Someone in Barcelona likes me. Vancouver hardly ever/never visits me, which is sad because most of my friends are there, but makes sense because most of my friends don’t really care about me. Montreal comes by and I know who it is, which makes it fun because then I can write things she and I can talk about later. But the majority of my readers come from Saskatchewan. Mostly Saskatoon, followed by Prince Albert, Pasqua, Vanscoy, and Regina. So I feel like I must say Hello Saskatchewan and thank you for reading me, even though I go on terrible tirades about the province I call home. It’s nice to know folks from around here actually care about what I have to say.
As the joke goes: Saskatchewan, hard to pronounce, easy to draw.

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