Although “Funbags” and “Maidenhead” pisses me off . . .

Cunt is probably my favorite word for female anatomy. It’s such a contentious word, and yet to me it just sounds sexy. Unless you call me that while throwing a beer on me or something, in which case I’ll call you a cunt back and add a few more words. I have no qualms about cunt. I could say cunt all day.

Cunt cunt cunt.

Some people try to make cunt into a cutesy word that ends up sounding terrible, like “coochie” or “cooter” or “Cho Cha” or any other ridiculous derivative that usually ends up getting used in the letters page of Club. There’s nothing worse than trying to have a pornography assisted orgasm and reading a dumb word like Coochie.

I think what I like the most about Cunt is that it’s not trying to be cute or sweet or non threatening. A cunt knows what it wants, it’s aggressive and demanding and shameless. Everyone I’ve been seriously involved with has been able to use the word cunt in the sexy hot way it should always be used.

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