The Suit

My friends Cindy and Megan are getting married this April and I have spent literally three months already trying to decide what to wear. For a while I was thinking about trying to honour the Scottish roots in me by getting a kilt made with my tartan, but then someone told me how expensive they are and I’ve had to go back to just a suit. But there are already heated debates about The Suit. My mom thinks I need a lady suit, like one tailored for women’s bodies so it would have a “lady shape.” I said I didn’t want to be lady shaped. Then there was a long discussion about mens suits and the difficulties of fitting E cups in them. I know there are issues with large breasts and men’s clothes, I always wear men’s clothes. And I have always thought that someone could make a killing by starting a clothing line for big breasted butch women, but it hasn’t happened yet. Still, I’m sure I can find some suit that will fit me.

But then I was looking at the Sweet Dreams video on Youtube and thinking about how it’s cut for a female figure but it isn’t femmey.

Its kind of an 80’s look though and I’m going for something more classic. Something along the lines of Dietrich in Morocco in this specific scene:

This scene, incidentally, is why I got a top hat. But I don’t have anything to wear with my damn top hat.

Anyway, I found a Dyke Tyke on Youtube! I don’t know if people know about these guys, they’re pretty sweet and sometimes hopelessly tragic, but if you’re a dyke you have one in your life, like, automatically. They’re the equivalent of fag hags really, but a lesbian version. I don’t know why people think men don’t want to sleep with butches, because there’s a fair number of bio “het” guys who go all goofy over butches. I got chased down the street by one once. Actually gay guys sometimes go all silly and crushed out with butch women too. A friend told me about a gay guy he knew who kept sneaking around and staring at a butch friend of ours. Boys and butch lesbians, just silly.

I have one more butch related Youtube video. My one and only decent karaoke song is Boy Named Sue. I don’t know why I can do it and barely any other ones, but its really fun. Anyway, here is Johnny Cash singing Boy Named Sue at San Quentin.

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