Thirza’s Youtube Aided 80’s Flashback!

I spent the better part of last night watching t.v. from the 80’s on YouTube. I realized that I am largely created as a product of the 80’s. How could I NOT be who I am without the following examples of mass media that were informing my identity? Come with me, back, back to a time of jelly bangles! I recommend you go away and smoke a joint before you return.

Any cultural anthropological journey of the media HAS to start with the commercials. Here are ten minutes of 80’s commercials to orient you to the time period:

Okay, Sesame Street had some weird psychedelic funkiness going on. And people wonder why I ended up taking drugs? One two three four five six seven eight nine ten, eleven twelve!!!

Before Degrassi High, or even Degrassi JUNIOR high, came “Ida Makes A Movie,” the VERY first episode of Kids of Degrassi Street. This is part 2 of 3. I was always so sad when the dolly got thrown away, oh god that was so tragic!!

Clearly I was a baby pervert when Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) came out, but watching the video I also noticed that this would have been the formative experience that showed me how freakin’ hot female masculinity can be. I just thought Annie Lennox was the most beautiful woman in the world. I now think I was going through some Lacanian butch mirror phase, some kind of erotic narcissism, because I usually go for femmes and I ended up wanting to LOOK like Annie Lennox more than fuck her. Either way, this was the first song I used to sing over and over.

And of course, not all of the 80’s media was fun and games. This was one of my clearest memories of the news when I was a kid, The Challenger Explosion. I was living in Montana when it happened and I remember a kid running into the classroom to say the Challenger exploded, and the teacher cried. They all wore black arm bands for a while after. It was the first thing I ever wrote a diary entry about, and I still have that diary, the Ramona Quimby diary. I remember crying because I really liked my grade two teacher then, she inspired me to write. This is the original NASA footage.

I was going to find a clip of the Electric Company, but then I gave up. There were tons of music videos I wanted to put up too, but Sweet Dreams defined me more than the others. Although Girls Just Want To Have Fun was a defining moment in my childhood. It was the first record I ever owned. Okay, here’s Cyndi for you too, enjoy!

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  1. Oh, if you were hoping to find Electric Company clips, put the 4-DVD “Best of Electric Company” boxset on all your wishlists–it’s terrific. And I have something post-2000 kids have never seen before–it’s fascinating to see my six-year-old daughter and her friends watch it, they have no idea it’s “retro,” they just dig it. Yes, I said “dig it.”

  2. Annie Lennox is my style icon, I think she’s fantastic. Is the book at the end of that video 1984, by George Orwell? I can’t see well enough, but I think they did some soundtracks for the film version of it. If so, it would be a marriage of two great components of art. Also, how long have you made films for and how do you get into film making?

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