I think sometimes people get scared by the creative process, or maybe sometimes it looks scary from the outside. Or sometimes someone’s process is terribly different. Here’s a bunch of Youtube videos about creativity in various fields.

Tori Amos’ song Crazy made a lot of sense to me at one time. I think especially because she talks about looking mad until things get put into an order at the very end. This is a link to her singing Crazy and talking about her relationship to pianos.

What you waiting for? This music video by Gwen Stefani reminds me of what my internal world looks like when I’m creating something.

David Lynch talks about creativity, filmmaking, and higher consciousness.

Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison get into a spat about direct vs. alternating current. Kind of a tortured re-enactment, but fascinating nonetheless in describing Tesla’s creative process.

An animator shows us the Creative Process.

Angelina Jolie talks on Inside the Actor’s Studio about her experience working on Gia, a biography of lesbian supermodel Gia Carangi. Part 2 of 5.

Mozart accidentally pisses Salieri off in Amadeus.

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