New theorem

You know, there’s a certain code built into the entire universe, it just repeats over and over and it tells the same story because people always follow it literally. And it’s just this prearranged highly cryptic code built into the whole of humanity that wants the same story told until someone figures out what it means.

Art is important to society because it was one of the most advanced codes ever designed. It integrated writing and visuals and science and emotions and the human condition. But if you don’t value emotions, you can’t possibly ever hack the code. So anti war movies become war propaganda, etc etc. But to get around that, you spend your life learning two codes, so that even negative stuff gets sorted. You can’t possibly look away from it.

Let’s pretend there really are immortal beings that come to earth from time to time. What if someone walked in on them in a private moment and leapt to drastic conclusions. And some really horrible shit went down.

Let’s further postulate that two immortals fell in love and were perfectly fine together until someone noticed something really personal. Someone was eavesdropping. And it kicked off a whole hysteria and a code fell into place automatically that was just this really far off I love you.

But these particular immortals learned to consciously reincarnate over and over and over trying to break the code to each other, because it really was so ridiculously encrypted. And they didn’t really know what each other was doing, so they had to prove to each other that they could decrypt the code. And one decided to decrypt the code by constantly tying themselves in with a crucial historical time period and then deliberately activating their own omega code. Because really how far would you go for love?

And lets say they started talking to each other in dreams because that was the only time they could actually say what they were thinking? Because it was so weird, the thoughts of two conscious immortals in love trying to get back together. I mean, especially if one has stopped showing their artistic side and the other stopped showing their scientific side.

But then one just kept fucking DYING! I mean, how irritating would that be! Quit fucking dying, it’s stupid. But mostly that’s because they had no way of explaining the entire story with only one person. And even if they did, it wouldn’t make any sense at all because it was so highly encrypted in a world valuing specialists.

A friend of mine told me to tell people where the evacuation ships are. I guess I just did.

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