Oh, that’s how it ends!

I totally forgot my quantum physics. Light is a particle AND a wave, which means it has access to time, the fourth dimension. If you put a dark particle into a wave, then you also let darkness have access to time.

But there’s a time window opening soon, which is when all that darkness loses it’s ability to remain in time itself. Basically it goes back to being only a particle, so it’s back to a fixed position in space, the ultimate void! For some reason it’s been noticed that time windows correspond to the transit of Venus, which was a Mayan thing. They planned wars only when time windows were open. Until then they mostly sat around making art I guess. The next transit of Venus is June 6, 2012, and then of course the end of time is December 21, 2012. But that’s not the end of time for everybody, heavens!!

Magnetic Vortex on Sun C/O NASA

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