Writing Process

I forgot to tell you some things… I never told anyone but ages ago I figured out what the Greys were, if there was such a thing. They were genetically modified humans, people stripped of empathy, no overexcitabilities and yet a high IQ. But what that means is they’re working for someone else. They’re drones. But someone gave them an order ages ago and left them to their own devices because only the stupid can lead the stupid. It’s like the Borg but with no borg queen, because that person defected AGES ago. It’s running purely on chaos theory, but somehow has an illusion of supremacy. If they really did make a deal with the government, it’s because they’re working FOR the government, but if you know how to play the government, they’re working for you. They actually don’t have any power at all, because they come from the same source, but they assume since they were allowed to play with some advanced toys that they actually know what they’re doing. Real aliens don’t fly metal ships at all. They come in on magnetic frequencies. My god, it’s like giving a three year old a gun!

Because it’s a fact, if your intelligence is 30 points higher than a group, you can’t lead them. You can try but you’ll fail miserably unless you figure out a different way. Controlled intel. The government doesn’t talk about it, but they’re been using remote viewers for ages, people trained specifically to hone in on the future. But all the ex remote viewers I’ve heard say that there’s one point in time where they quite literally can’t see past. And it drives them crazy. The reason is because someone deliberately left the ending unwritten.

Di you ever hear about the time someone snooped on Tennessee Williams’s writing process? They told him he wrote great stuff in the morning but in the afternoon it got all weird. And he said “You’re not supposed to read the stuff I write in the afternoon!!!”

What if someone has based all of their military strategy on the afternoon writings of Tennessee Williams?

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