Full of Grease!

I spent all evening at my Aunt Beth’s ordination into the Anglican Church. Next she becomes a priest. It was pretty interesting, all kinds of stuff about her being called to serve the Lord and that, we all got sprinkled with holy water, did communion, sang a bunch of hymns. That makes three ordained ministers in the family now. When my Grampa went to school Indians were only allowed to be nurses or ministers, so that’s what he did. He’s finished translating the entire Bible into Plains Cree. We were going to give him some other religious text just to keep him busy, but I think he’s done. He’s always getting me to reinstall his Cree fonts. For the love of God, someone make Cree syllabics in a Mac compatible font! I cannot install HelviCree at all, it doesn’t work.

It was nice being around all the churchy folk, they seemed upbeat and calm. And Aunt Beth finally got to put on her clerical collar, which was cool. I got to see all my cousins and that. Poor miss Spenny got freaked out by aliens at Christmas this past year and refused to let her sister unplug the Christmas tree lights. I don’t know why she thought that would keep away aliens. Like, what, is she going to walk around with a fully lit Christmas tree at all times? I understand the impulse though. And my cuz D is coming back to town soon, which is nice, I miss her. She’s ridiculously funny AND sincere and open minded, which are nice things. She makes me laugh. One time we were on drugs and she sat in front of a door for two hours saying “This is better than the Galaxy!” The Galaxy is Saskatoon’s cineplex. And then she told a lampshade to fuck off. I mean, too cute! Nah, she’s cool, she’s had all kinds of interesting adventures.

Once in Preston’s house when he had all those poltergeists her shoe ended up at the bottom of the stairs and we were so terrified something had come along with it that we smudged her shoe when we got home. Yes, we smudged a shoe! I mean, you can’t be too careful these days.

And I still have nothing to wear to Cindy and Megan’s wedding, and it’s so soon! Crap. Anyway, this was kind of a silly post, but that’s what I was up to tonight.

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