Hello all. I’ve decided to stay anonymous for now, perhaps in the future I will say who I am. I am female and going to university. Presently I live with my boyfriend and my sweet, sweet kitty. I am friendly, shy, interesting and one hilarious chick. I love music, love art and love long conversations. I’m an open-minded paranerd (paranormal nerd) who collects rocks, loves youtube and my guilty pleasure is that my favourite show is America’s Next Top Model.

First of all let me say that through out my whole life I have experienced things with the paranormal and spiritual almost constantly. Ever since I remember actually, it’s so much a part of my life. It can be challenging sometimes meeting new people mostly because I know some scary things. It’s such a big part of my life and I know that stories will leak here and there and I don’t want to frighten people or maybe even worse yet, sound like I’m in for attention or sound preachy even. So I guess this makes a perfect outlet for such things. Thirza I think this a brilliant idea to have a pannel of peeps to discuss these kinds of things. Not even paranormal but anything in regard to making the world a better place.

I totally have noticed an increase in the paranormal. Some good, some not so good. I’m especially worried about my younger sister. She has seen what the Cree call “little people” for as long as she can remember. Recently she told me she had seen a group of about 3 or 4 scurry by her when she was in the driveway. My parents live on an acreage and my dad keeps a sweatlodge so usually, there is a flurry of spirits moving throughout our property at any given time. Except for maybe a couple occations, interaction with spirits there are of course mysterious, but for the most part good. Going by what my sister tells me, lately, we’re not too sure. My sister is almost 16 and has been sleeping with my mom (dad has been sleeping on the couch) because she is too scared to sleep on her own. I used to have a hard time sleeping at my parents. Nights can be scary sometimes. Anyway, once about maybe six months ago she was almost alseep on the couch in the living room (spiders in her room) facing the wall. As she was just about to fall alseep she heard a woman with a hoarse voice whisper loudly- “Is she asleep yet?”. I don’t know when exactly but she was just about to fall asleep in her room, again, facing the wall. She was in a state where she was very almost asleep but knew of her physical surroundings. She sensed a presence behind her, she immediately didn’t like it and her body stiffened up completely to the point where she was powerless to move at all. She had said that all she wanted to do was scream for mom and dad but she couldn’t make her mouth project any sort of sound. The presence finally left after she had been screaming in her mind- “Fuck off!!! Fucking LEAVE ME ALONE you piece of shit!”. My poor sister, jeez. Another thing that happened recently was that she was sleeping with my mom and outside the room she heard a growling sound, woke my mom up and yelled for my dad to come and turn on the light and tell this thing to go away. He smudged the room and she said she had still heard a growl in the closet. My parents heard nothing.

Now, my sister has an extremely active imagination. Perhaps the prescence that was behind her in her room was actually just a random spirit without harmful intentions for my sister. This could be very true. Her fear of the fact that she knew something was behind her could have caused her mind to spin and yada yada. I’m not sure. I’m positive there are spirits in the house but not sure whether or not there have been some meaning to scare her or worse yet, harm her. It wouldn’t be the first time. My dad, being a man of good medicine naturally has enemies who work with bad medicine. Often bad magic is done to harm my family. Through some tough lessons my dad had consulted with friends within the shamanistic community about ways in which we could protect ourselves. I have to admit though, he’s sometimes spiritually lazy and isn’t responsible about making it habit to do these things leaving loopholes in the system. Ultimately, if anything does come through it effects either me or my sisters. Thanks dad. Well, I don’t live there anymore and neither does my other sister, leaving just the youngest sister. So, bad medicine could be a possible culprit for my sis being harassed by spirits. I just hope nothing ….”bad” is going on.

Something else that furthers my worry is my sister’s health. Lately she has been so sick I’ve been questioning whether or not she has one of these new super flus, like polio the second er something. I’ve heard in the near future we will be experiencing a new wave of pandemics and the return of old diseases. But yeah, she had missed two weeks straight of school, has had a chest infection, pnemonia, sudden sharp pains travelling through her neck, shoulders and back as well as two more things which would be embarrasing for her to me to mention, anonymous or not. One of them is so so, pretty common and the other we have NO idea how she got it and it’s disturbing. It has just lately seemed to be one thing after another with her. Man, bad spirits better back off my sis if they are the ones doing this. I’m not sure. I’m not positive on anything except that I believe her in regards to these experiences. She has even been questioning her sanity lately. Keep in mind, she’s a very vibrant, dramatic kid. Also keep in mind that she is deeply gifted and regularly experiences stuff with the spirit/paranormal.

On a side note, when I lived with my parents I got into the habit of falling asleep facing the room. That way, I didn’t feel as vulnerable and if some entity wanted to creep up behind me I could hopefully catch it first. I just became habit after a while. There is more to the younger sister story but this has been kinda draining to tell. Yesterday I had talked to my boyfriend about it, a friend later that night, and then today in my journal. Gawd.

In closing I’d like to thank Thirza for graciously inviting me to join her blog. Word up homie. Hahaha. Now… I need to do something silly to relieve the tensions of the day. Yay! I don’t have class tomorrow until 12:30, I think I’m gonna rent a movie. 😀

Luv n lite,

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