Boy Story

Sometimes Steven and Luke used to MAKE me watch boy movies because they were trying to explain something they couldn’t otherwise. And all these movies were highly bizarre, but entertaining so I could kind of see the point. And the good ones had love stories in them.

The last good boy story that they ever showed me was Red Dwarf. I remember it was just before Steven got hardcore into drinking, and just after Luke ended up a chronic mental patient.

It was Red Dwarf. Steven knew how it began and he kind of knew how it ended but he made me watch the pilot episode with him because he knew he finally picked a boy story that could explain his life properly. And it did. Red Dwarf is a sci-fi series about a man of colour who spends his mining ship tour of duty in stasis, on purpose. Because he’s bored, so he gets a cat which breaks regulations and stasis is the punishment. And meanwhile a nuclear accident happens on the ship which kills the crew and allows a super race of cat people to exist. And the cat people worship Lister, because he went into stasis, and told them all about a vending cart he was going to have on Fiji. It becomes Cat lore, and a schism happens over the colour of the outfits. It’s been running for ages now, years and years.

Everybody’s Dead Dave

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