Desk Graffiti

I used to be a graffiti artist in school, but only on school desks. And I would have conversations with people, and usually I knew who it was but I’d have all kinds of people notice this weird little writings. And some of them were injokes, and people started catching on to that, which was weird. And sometimes I just drew symbols and other completely unrelated things. Just because I wanted to see what would show up. And some other weird graffiti showed up, you can tell who people are by their graffiti really. Which is why I hate bathrooms, because it’s gender specific graffiti and really mean. But desk graffiti, that was fun. And Britta did catch me at it one day, when she was in my desk at a different class. That was really embarrassing because she wrote “Thirza? Is this you?” And I was like, nope, that was not me.

But desk graffiti is an interesting way to teach subversively. That was before the internet. Because it has no position of authority, you have to question it. But you might agree sometimes.

I remember in school we all had to constantly thank Joni Mitchell, because she had no band, no theatre, no art class, barely anything when she went to Bowman, and she still did all this stuff. So ever since then Aden Bowman has been a weird school that has tried to rectify the fact that they didn’t have enough resources when someone like Joni Mitchell attended. It made it an interesting school, because there’d be a little photo of Joni Mitchell, surrounded by all these jock trophies. And that was all, one mega star and a bunch of high school football players. It was such a weird dichotomy. They’ve always been trying to make up for that.

Last I heard a bunch of neo nazis were there.

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