My Point

So I guess my final point is that the way psychiatry acts today is rather cult like, in fact, it meets every qualification for a cult. It uses shoddy evidence to promote it’s cures. It covers up significant facts. It has way too many drugs designed to fundamentally alter brains. It pathologizes ordinary human emotions which we find troubling. It uses force to assert it’s right over the individual. It is more interested in giving you the appropriate personality than finding out what your personality is. And they get all kinds of bizarre confessions out of people that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, not if that person is scrambling everything on purpose. And finally, it asserts cruel and unusual punishment on people based on their identity, including race, gender, sexuality, political beliefs, spiritual beliefs, and any childhood trauma available. And not only that, but it leaves you feeling totally deprived and worthless, no matter what crazy insane shit you’ve been pulling off for your whole life.

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