Long Story

That has to be one of the longest stories I have ever told, and there’s still tons more. But whatever. I think this is the story that might help things make sense again. And hopefully some other people will start writing now, because they have all kinds of insights, and some are about sex and gender and some are about gifted people and some are about spirituality and various other things people have noticed. I have a relative who is starting her journey and I’ve been trying to figure out how to talk to her, to tell her stuff she is experiencing is normal and that she can tell stuff to go away if it is freaking her out. I mean, that’s the thing, you’re supposed to be allowed to self direct it or all kinds of weird shit happens, like this! And you can take a spiritual emergency and make it gentle again, but not with psych drugs. With psych drugs you get stuck, for a long ass time! And you start right up again at the place you left off, in about the same condition as when you were frozen. So, if people did get frozen into a spiritual emergency, my advice would be to take as many supplements for your brain as possible, and smoke pot, and see a homeopath, and have a place to sweat it out where people won’t freak out and try to reprogram you. And a lot of people WILL try to reprogram you, so you have to look out for that, because they will think they are helping, honestly, they honestly believe that force and punishment will make it better. Because they are fucked up! I’m sorry, but it’s true, you have to assume people are dead right now and try to wake up in a way where people won’t assault you. Because they do.

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