Glassey Glue Incident

I was full on contrary for most of Gifted. I wanted to know if people would actually say what they meant. And so I did stupid boy shit like telling girls for a year that a green shirt was blue until I believed it and maybe they believed it and then I would change my mind on a whim. And most of the time, all of the time really, they seemed to know I was being a little fucker. And I had no idea they would talk about me behind my back until one day they told me to go find a bottle of Glassey Glue. You know Glassey Glue. It’s in all the stores, everyone uses it, you can get it anywhere, it’s the best glue ever. And my sense of fair play made me spend a whole evening dutifully calling every store in Saskatoon looking for Glassey Glue. It doesn’t exist, by the way, although for all I know they put a patent on it for when I would tell this story.

Anyway, yes, they sent me off to prove God exists, because you can do that kind of shit to a contrary and they’ll do it! Except I wanted to prove it all along, so in a way we both won that argument. They are amazing debaters, holy crap. I still don’t think Jesus is the one and only story though, I think all kinds of stories are useful to talk about that kind of thing. And I think I proved that what happened in Bury my Heart At Wounded Knee was fucked up. I should actually start finding where they all went, because I have no idea what most of them are up to. I mean, not in a direct way, in an indirect way I know where they all are. They seem to be sitting in logic and feeling and trying to come together again, because half of them only show logic, which is why it’s so weird. But I think they’ve been figuring out how to talk again. They have some good boundaries with each other.

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