Maybe this is just a story about survivors of the Northwest Rebellion. I mean, it was a really turbulent time in history. It laid out the foundation of Canada. And various rights were reneged on both sides, over time. I mean, we didn’t have any money, so all the rights we lost were economic, all the obvious rights anyway. And there was all kinds of back deals being made forever. There are still things poor people can do to survive. Like spending all their gifted education with the upper classes and the lower classes to find out what both were doing. Like admitting defeat on issues of spirituality and Glassey Glue. And trying to find out which questions needed to be asked. I mean, we did teach each other a lot, eventually. And for that reason I’m not sure any of the gifted people who did achieve things forget their weird classmates who were Contrary Mary’s. Or just quiet and strange. We were all curious about each other really. I think we were just supposed to agitate against each other in school to find out where people stand. And people could argue with me really well, I was always so impressed. And sometimes I didn’t even think of myself as being a pain in the ass, because I was used to doing weird shit, I was a boy! But a boy with feelings, and that was really weird for some people, I don’t know why. A lot of gifted boys are all emotional, but they’re taught to hide it. But honestly, they used to burst into tears all the time too, even the really straight ones! That’s just the way boys are.

And some of my favorite gifted people were the ones who grew up in other places in the Commonwealth, and they were fascinating! They totally knew why Roald Dahl was the most important children’s author. They could talk about corporal punishment and candy in the same sentence, they were intense! But they had class about it and I didn’t, not in that particular way anyway. I was totally like “Yeah, let’s start a school s/m club” and they didn’t get that at all. I mean, obviously I didn’t say that. It would have been funny though, which is why I would say something like that. But really, they were going to be kinky, I could so tell! And it was because, they figured out how to make their history fun, by reading these creepy yet funny stories. And they weren’t all white either, they were all kinds of races. And most of them were atheists of some sort, which was interesting. I mean, they acted like atheists, because they really didn’t know if God was real. I think that’s a commonality among many people of the Commonwealth, because the fucking wealth isn’t common!

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