Transition update

I was talking to a friend of the family who practically raised me actually, and she works at the Community Clinic here in Saskatoon. We talked about me seeing a therapist there again, I have the appointment next week. And I have to make an appointment with my regular doctor, who is like, the best doctor I’ve ever had. She’s like Saffy if Saffy went to med school. So she’s pretty cool and she likes doing research on new things, I mean, she always augments her education, which not a lot of doctors do. So I guess I will meet with her and talk about profoundly gifted people AND transmen, and I’m sure it’s not all new territory for her, I mean, obviously she’s gifted for starters. Plus they actually do keep medical records confidential, which is a far cry from the Quebec health system, and that’s good. Quebec releases personal files to employers. So that’s not safe at all! I think Saskatoon might actually be the best place to do this. And my friend Laurel has filled me in on Saulteaux prophecy, which says we should return to our homelands for seven years. And I think, well, I’m part Saulteaux and Laurel is the expert on that culture, and we’ve known each other since we were two, so I’m fine with keeping to that. And even though I’m from a bunch of different places originally, this is where I grew up. So yeah, back in the homeland!

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