Fuck it, I’m trans

It’s weird to think that at 29 I am finally getting ready to transition after countless trannies starting with the Infamous David Harrison have been nudging at me since adolescence. I guess I wanted to be sure. I remember at 19 looking at my body in the full length mirror of my apartment and just going “Oh that is SO NOT ME!”

It’s a general understatement that often trannies have some awkward mental health crisis stage we go through just before going Fuck it, I’m trans. Never mind Ellen’s “Yep, I’m Gay” cover of the Advocate, I think “Fuck it, I’m trans” is a much better I statement to make. Especially if you already know you have a history of straightish girls falling for me. I mean bisexuals with a preference for dudely dudes.

My mom used to never understand why I continually dated bisexual girls, but really it was because I needed to be with someone who would stick around after I went through hormone treatments. Which is such an obvious “This person is clearly trans” statement to make.

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