Clash of the alter-egos

One of the reasons I am such an Annie Lennox fan, not only because of her obvious gender fuck performances, is because she is SO FUCKING GOOD at playing with archetypes. I think, especially as a filmmaker, that any kind of artwork using the human figure necessitates understanding archetypes.

I’m currently in the process of developing a feature film love story about Vampires, something WAY sexier than anything anyone else has written yet. I want to write a love story about contemporary vampires, ones that are more interested in consensual bloodplay than attacking helpless victims. And kind of a comedy. I dunno, I have to flesh it out a bit. Maybe a wetigo could be mixed up in there. A wetigo is an aboriginal cannibal character. It’s funny that as writers, or artists of any type really, there is always pressure to be really clear about what you think is right or just when usually the most interesting stories are about when things go wrong. The narrative structure itself is built for conflict, not harmony, even a Brakhage film has some unease to it, even if it’s just “Dear god, when will it end?”

The vampire archetype fascinates me still, I think because there is something erotically charged about just the very act of exposing one’s neck to another being, especially a supernatural being. Getting bitten on the neck is probably my very top favorite thing in this world, as long as they know what they are doing. Once someone bit me on the neck in a not nice way, I mean, it was clearly for them to be an asshole, which really sucked. No no no, no assholes allowed.

That being said I’m still embarrassed I was an asshole this spring. I couldn’t really help it, which is maybe the reason why it sucked ass the most.

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